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May 2024 Fort Worth housing report

Click the picture below or here to go directly to the May 2024 housing report.

From May 2023, median home prices have fallen very slightly, only 1.2%. The Fort Worth area is still seeing growth from relocation here as new home communities still are being built and sold out. Growth is happening on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Crowley down into Hood and Johnson counties, and up I35W and Hwy 287 into Parker, Denton and Wise counties. There has been a slight decrease in the market since last May due to the interest rates not being as low as what they were post pandemic, and are actually at decent sustainable levels.

These normal level rates have been a deterrent to buyers, some who are priced out of where they'd like to be payment wise. Some people simply want to wait until the rates go back down. This group of people may be waiting for a long time, as home prices still will be increasing on average of 5% YOY in DFW. Rates are hovering in the 6-8% range. Some areas are still seeing multiple offers, especially if the home is priced well and has been updated well.

Some new homebuilders have beginner rate programs that start in the high 4% and 5% range, ending after a 3 to 5 year period in the normal range that we are seeing now.

That may be a great way to get the house you love at a rate you will love, saving money for 3 to 5 years as a way to get in on the equity that will be built over that same time.

Amy Steele has been a full time professional Realtor since 2005 and will help you to determine what makes the most sense for your situation.


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